Things I loved about Costa Rica

November 24, 2015


Critters of Costa Rica

As much as I love showing you what's great about Costa Rica, I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't mention some not so glamorous aspects- especially critters. I've never been a fan of bugs or creepy crawlers  and this country is full of them. Sure our house is surrounded by beautiful birds and butterflies, but we also have geckos, sugar ants, mosquitoes, dragonflies, beetles, wasps and houseflies that come in and out of our home at their leisure. Some take more getting used to than others. View full article →

Follow the yellow brick road- Adventures in driving in Costa Rica

A couple of weeks ago, our daughter was invited to a birthday party. It was in the next town over which we weren't too familiar with but we had directions: '500 meters east and 200 south of the church. There are balloons outside the gate'.  View full article →

"WhatsApp Doc?"

I use 'WhatsApp' everyday.  I chat and exchange pictures with family and stay in touch with old and new friends from around the world. It's my preferred method of mobile communication (FaceTime is a close 2nd) because it's so convenient and cheap.  Although I use it daily, it wasn't until I moved to Costa Rica that I realize just how useful it could be.

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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

It can be daunting moving to a new place with your family and settling in a community that is already established, but my experience has been that for the most part, Costa Ricans make you feel very welcomed. View full article →

Selling cars in Costa Rica

While this isn't something I'll necessarily miss about Costa Rica, I wanted to write about it because going through the experience was a bit stressful at the time, but looking back it's actually quite funny.

We bought a used car when we first arrived here with the intention of selling it when we leave. With 1 month left, we decided to go ahead and start the process in case we ran into some difficulty selling it. 

We posted ads on local facebook groups and put up 2 'se vende' signs on the car with our phone number and waited for replies.  Right away we found people who were interested but their propositions were very interesting. We were prepared to negotiate on the price but what we weren't prepared for were conversations like this:

Potential buyer 1 (PB1): 'Hola, is the car still for sale?'

Hubby: 'Yes, when can you come see it?'

PB1: 'Right away. I can give you $3000 and my quad bike in exchange for your SUV'

Hubby: 'No thanks. I don't want a quad bike, I just want to sell my car.' 


PB2: 'Hola, is the carro still for sale?'

Hubby: Si, when can you come see it?'

PB2: Right away. I can give you my Toyota Yaris and $2000 in exchange for your SUV'

Hubby: 'No gracias. I don't want another car, I just want to sell my car.'


PB3: 'Hola, is the car todavia a la venta?

Hubby: Yes, but I don't want to exchange it for another car!

PB3: I would do no such thing! I have a plot of land on the coast I could trade you for...


After a week of calls like this, we asked our friends if this was common practice in Costa Rica and they told us that we'd have better luck if we edited our post to say that we're leaving the country. So we did and we put it on a national used car selling website. The next morning Carlos called interested in buying the car, and nothing else.  He and his uncle took the bus from Guanacaste (a 5 hour drive) to meet us and after agreeing on a fair price for all parties, drove back the same night.   

In the end, everyone was satisfied with the transaction. Or do you think we should have looked into that plot of land...?

Mauricio my fruit guy

Every day from Monday to Friday, Mauricio parks his pick-up truck next to our daughter's school and sells delicious, fresh fruit. For around $10 we can get: View full article →

My 'Aguazul Amigas'

3 days a week for 1 hour, I listen to them talk about their families and latest recipes (mixing chorizo and tortillas is apparently a big no-no) all while dancing salsa and bachata to artists like Marc Anthony and Romeo Santos in the water. View full article →

Dinner for Breakfast- Gallo Pinto

It's impossible to leave Costa Rica without having tried Gallo Pinto.  The main ingredients are pretty basic:

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Waterfall Wedding

My cousin and her fiance planned on eloping in Costa Rica. They had heard about a magical place called La Paz Waterfall Gardens that boasted a tropical rainforest, exotic animals, flowers, waterfalls and even a volcano.

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