My 'Aguazul Amigas'

A couple months after giving birth to my Costa Rican baby boy (I still chuckle when I think about the fact that he's a 'tico'), I signed up to the local swimming pool, 'Aguazul', to help me shed the baby weight off. This is where I met the lovely ladies of my aqua-aerobics class.  

3 days a week for 1 hour, I listen to them talk about their families and latest recipes (mixing chorizo and tortillas is apparently a big no-no) all while dancing to songs like 'Vivir mi vida' by Marc Anthony and 'Eres mia' by Romeo Santos, in the water.  Not only do I get to perfect my latin dancing skills (it's hard enough spinning around on land), I learn things such as the many different ways to make 'Gallo Pinto' (Costa Rica's national dish), the best day for ironing clothes (Monday) and how to get a baby to sleep longer at night (bathe him in the evening).  These 'Doñas' show me even at 73 (the oldest member in our class with 10 kids, 29 grandkids and 23 great-grandkids) you're never too old to shake your hips to Enrique Iglesia's 'Bailando'. And don't let their ages fool you. They know how to do underwater squats and leg lifts with the best of them. 

A side note- some of you may be wondering what I do with my hair when I swim.  Well, I make sure I have a hairstyle that I can put my swim cap over securely and I spritz my hair with conditioner hours before swimming to counteract the chlorine present in the pool.  This helps to minimize hair breakage :-).

Another side note- some of you may be wondering about the common stereotype of black people and swimming; in mainly that we don't. There are many factors for this (socio-economic, hair) but many black people do learn swimming at a young age.  I finally learned how to properly swim (doggy paddle doesn't count) at age 25. Though I may never become a world class swimmer I do have to say it has become my preferred method of exercising because it gives me a full body workout while feeling refreshed. And you? What's your favorite way to exercise? 



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Sam Carew
Sam Carew

June 29, 2015

I learnt to swim at 28 and like you, I’m never going to win any swimming badges, I throughly enjoy being in water!

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