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Waterfall Wedding

June 25, 2015

One perk about living in Costa Rica is that destination weddings come to you! My cousin and her fiance planned on eloping in Costa Rica. They had heard about a magical place called La Paz Waterfall Gardens that boasted a tropical rainforest, exotic animals, flowers, waterfalls and even a volcano.  Because they were staying with us for Christmas, they felt it was only right to invite us.  And if they invited us, then they had to invite their parents. And their see where I'm going with this.

Their wedding ended up being an unforgettable week long experience in a rustic log cabin with close family, culminating in a New Year's Day ceremony. A long way from planning our weddings as young teenagers in the concrete jungle of New York.    

(google image)

Because it's a rainforest, it rained everyday we were there.  But then a rainbow appeared and on their wedding day the sun shone from 11am-sunset which coincidently was when the ceremony and festivities took place :-)

(top left: our daughter is impressed with the pumas, top right: the view from our log cabin, bottom left: a toucan greeting us, bottom right: ceremony gazebo next to a waterfall) 

The following pictures are NOT photoshopped: 

Golden 'Keds' for the special occasion.

Where else can you have parrots, pumas and butterflies as wedding guests?!

(left to right: best man, flower girl (who just woke up for the pic), matron of honor, and newlyweds)

(hairstyles by yours truly, The Hairoine)

For those of you interested in the bride's hairstyle, watch the video below: 

What are you thoughts on 'destination weddings'? Have you ever been a part of one? Leave your comments below :-)

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