Dinner for Breakfast- Gallo Pinto

I come from a Haitian household so I'm no stranger to having a 'hearty' breakfast to start off the day.  In fact, a common dish is 'espageti ak sosis' and my fellow compatriots will proudly tell you they've eaten it for breakfast on many occasions. 

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A lot of people might think this is an unusual choice for breakfast since 'spaghetti and meatballs' is normally a lunch or dinner dish. But to us Haitians, it's a totally normal occurrence and while 'Ticos' (what Costa Ricans call themselves) wouldn't necessarily agree on the dish, they too eat 'dinner for breakfast' in the form of their national dish called 'Gallo Pinto' (in English the literal translation is 'spotted rooster' for the color of the rice and beans).  

It's impossible to leave Costa Rica without having tried Gallo Pinto.  The main ingredients are pretty basic:

cooked rice and beans, chopped onions and red peppers, garlic, cilantro, coriander salt and pepper.  You can add on fried or scrambled eggs, sweet plantains or tortilla.  While these are optional, Gallo Pinto is not complete without the most important seasoning of them all- Salsa Lizano

This sweet yet slightly spicy brown sauce is a mainstay in almost all Costa Rican dishes. 

My 2 year old daughter eats Gallo Pinto in her nursery school and when she comes home at lunchtime she's usually still not hungry (toddlers would rather play than eat but her teachers say she always clears her plate so I'll give credit to the Gallo Pinto). 

Are you a "hearty" breakfast kind of person,or will coffee or toast work for you?



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June 29, 2015

Dinner for breakfast all the time!

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