"WhatsApp Doc?"

I use 'WhatsApp' everyday.  I chat and exchange pictures with family and stay in touch with old and new friends from around the world. It's my preferred method of mobile communication (FaceTime is a close 2nd) because it's so convenient and cheap.  Although I use it daily, it wasn't until I moved to Costa Rica that I realize just how useful it could be.

This is one of many conversations I had with my OBGYN via WhatsApp. When he gave me his mobile number and said I could 'whatsapp' him if I had any questions, he really meant it. During my first pregnancy in Switzerland, in between doctor visits, I remember scouring online forums filled with other moms-to-be every time I had a concern about my baby. More often than not, I'd end up feeling even more worried because there would always be that one horror story. With this pregnancy, I would whatsapp my doctor my symptoms and wait for instructions. This was so reassuring because I was getting on the spot medical advice from a trained professional.

After our son Liam was born, I continued using WhatsApp and this time with his pediatrician. Here's an example of a conversation:

This saved us time and money as we need didn't need to make an unnecessary trip to the doctor's office.  Of course this doesn't replace regular doctor visits,

(Here we are at my 3 month postpartum check up)

but until coming to Costa Rica I never considered using WhatsApp for anything other than social purposes. Here it's being used by radio station for contest participation and even by Police to help cut down on crime (read article here)! 

Have you ever used WhatsApp with your doctor or in any other professional manner? Leave your comments below.


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