About Us

Making natural products is part of a long tradition in my family that is originally from Haiti. My great grandmother was a traditional herbal healer, guarding some of the secrets Haitians kept ever since we were taken from the motherland. I see myself as continuing this tradition, except that The Hairoine products combine traditional knowledge about essential oils and other natural products with the results of sound modern research.

I started experimenting with natural haircare recipes in 2002 when I was still at university. I was having more and more trouble with my hair and skin. My hair was weak, it would shed and it seemed like it just wasn’t growing. Also my skin was very dry and ashy! I bought any product I could get my hands that promised long, healthy hair and smooth skin but these promises never became reality. At one point, I decided to research the ingredients to all these commercial products. I found out that a lot of products contained chemicals – sodium laurel sulphate, mineral oil and parabens - which were ineffective and even harmful to the body. So I had no choice but to start making my own products.

After a couple of months of using homemade products with things like mango butter, olive oil, shea butter, and a carefully selected choice of essential oils, I started getting more compliments about my hair and skin and people wanted to know what I was using. Since I was the resident hairstylist at my university, this worked well because I would use my products when I did people’s hair and they’d always come back for more. Fast forward to today and today I run a nice little business that delivers to any place that has a reliable postal service.

For this business, I was more than happy to take on the nickname my husband gave me: ‘The Hairoine’ – a female hero of hair. We’ve lived in different countries together and everywhere I go, women would come to me with hair issues, and when I helped them out, they’d always say, ‘you saved me, you’re my hero’! By coincidence ‘heroine’ also happens to be the name of a highly addictive drug and I have a lot of loyal customers who have told me that they are ‘addicted’ to my products!

The company tag line is ‘saving your day the natural way’ because I believe that knowledge is power and once you educate yourself on how to effectively take care of your hair and skin, you can become your own hero and ‘save your day the natural way’.

Angie Brice CEO and Founder