A List of some of our ingredients and their properties

Almond Oil: Non-greasy, spreads & absorbs easily and also is great for nourishing the hair.  A light nearly odorless oil. Sweet almond oil is said to have great nutritional value for all skin types. Has a similar make up to baby’s sebum, the oil naturally produced by the skin to protect it and is easily absorbed. Contain glucosides, minerals, and vitamins and is rich in protein.

Aloe Vera: contains over 200 active components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharide, and fatty acids

Avocado oil: is full of vitamins your hair needs like vitamins A, E, D and potassium. Avocado oil is not heavy even though that avocado has the heaviest amount of protein in any fruit.

Apricot Oil: Good for dry hair. Rich in essential fatty acids, Oleic and Linoleic acid. Spreads easily on the skin.

Castor Oil: contains vital nutrients like vitamin E, minerals and proteins which help with hair problems such as thinning, dry scalp, hair loss, and split ends.  

Jojoba Oil : resembles the hair’s natural oil called sebum. Great conditioner.

Juniperberry Oil: has many beneficial properties, including for the skin. The antiseptic quality of the oil is very good for helping oily, spot-prone and acne skins. Used by therapists for oily and congested skin, acne and also very dry skin conditions. It is popular in acne treatments designed for adolescent boys, as they to prefer the refreshing and woody aroma to other more feminine smells.