Hi Angie,

Let me just start by saying there is something soooo sooo wrong with the way I enjoy using your body butter. LOL.

I received it Thursday - thanks! And I have used it daily since. I actually had a little too much fun the first time applying....the texture is perfect! I love the way it rubs on and the smell is great. The only thing that would have made it better was if it came with a man to rub it on. hehe...

Anyway, this is the best body lotion I have tried so far...am curious to see how it will hold up when it gets colder.

Oh, I also used a little of this in my hair and as lip gloss. This stuff is worth every penny!

Thank you!
- Natica S, Montreal, Canada

I absolutely adore The Hairoine's Hair Growth. My hair is usually quite dry, especially during the winter months and in the past I've tended to use mineral oil based products, which usually end up making my hair limp and heavy. But I was pleasantly surprised by how effective the hair growth formula is in combating dryness. All I need is a few drops every couple of days and my hair is left feeling silky smooth and hydrated.

- Keysha Davis, Editor of Black Hair Magazine

As a mom to be, with twins, I've bought the expensive boutique tummy butters and oils. Then at 19 weeks I tried the Hairoine Shea Butter. There is no comparison! The other brands I put on, and need to reapply after a few hours. With the Shea Butter, I apply in the morning and my belly is still very moisturized when I retire to sleep. That's not to mention the comfort I get from knowing the ingredients are all natural, and the uplifting scents of the essential oils.

Its like aromatherapy, and super stretch mark prevention in one. And it's very affordable. Thank you Hairoine! I highly recommend the Shea Butter to other moms to be. - Zahira M, St. Maarten

Thanks so much for your prompt shipment of my order…I just opened it this morning and I have already fallen in love with the scent. I love the beautiful sack that you placed the items in as well. -Iva J, Mastic, New York USA

The Hairoine made me feel I was their only customer. They really showed that they cared about my needs also answering every question I asked. The cost is a bit on the high side but it's worth every penny. Delivery is very quick and the product does exactly what they say it does. I even use it on my daughter's hair because it's made with natural ingredients and she does not react to it. I have recommended Hairoine products to lots of my friends with both relaxed and natural hair. I am very happy with both the company and their products. -Judith K, London, UK

For the past two weeks, I have been using the Hairoine’s “Oil You Need” moisturizing formula on my hair. It is great. I love the fact that it is made from natural ingredients and delivers on its claims. My hair is moisturized, supple and has sheen. I like the stream line spray packaging that makes it easy to apply to various parts of my hair. I hate “the drippies”. In comparison to regular olive oil or homemade oil mix, this is quick, neat, “stay in your hair and not drivel down” oil that has an enriching blend of natural ingredients. I definitely recommend this product.

I am way passed my “gel it up!” days but, I have to confess, I absolutely LOVE the Hairoine’s “Flaxseed Hair Gel.” The first intrigue is the fragrance created from the all natural ingredients. The gel smells absolutely scrumptious! It is very light weight and does not flake up. I am not a big gel user, however, after using the all natural flaxseed hair gel by the hairoine, I am looking for excuses to “gel it up!” I give a very enthusiastic recommendation. -Johari M, Cáceres Spain

I have been using The Hairoine's Extra Moisturizing Oil for over a year now & I have to say it really works! My hair is healthy, full, and softer than ever & I can wear my Afro with pride. I have been using The Hairoine's Extra Moisturizing Oil while I have been travelling around South America & it’s a great barrier against the drying effects of the sun whilst not being to greasy. Its even good to use on the skin, esp. if you have a lil sun burn or just want a lil extra sheen on your skin for a night out.

- Abiola L, London, UK